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Mini Mesh Pouches
Free Quilt Project

Coming Soon!

  • Cut 4 – 2” x 5 ½” rectangles of fabric
  • Cut 2 – 4” x 5 ½” mesh
  • Mark a 1” line from top and bottom of 2 pieces of mesh.

–     Use a chalk marker with a rolling wheel.


  • Place fabric face down along chalk line.
  • Stitch using the edge of the #52 teflon foot along the edge of the fabric.
  • Flip up and press.
  • Repeat with bottom strip.
  • Repeat with other side of bag.


  • Top Stitch along inside edges using inside of toe as a guide.  Repeat with other side
  • Flip over and top stitch along outside edges from the back to tack down fabric.
  • Trim fabric even with mesh.


  • Cut a 1 ¼” x 18”strip from rest of your fabric.
  • Insert face down into a Clover ½” bias maker .
  • Use stiletto to push fabric through.
  • Iron as you pull the bias maker.
  • Press in half.


  • Unzip zipper a little ways.
  • Place zipper edges together and stitch across.
  • Cut off edges of zipper about 1/8” from seam



  • Encase raw edge of zipper in fabric strip.
  • Top stitch in place.




  • Move needle to the left.
  • Place zipper face down, edges even on right side of bag.

–     Center zipper between side edges.

  • Use guide on #54 teflon zipper foot along zipper teeth.  Stitch.

–     It is helpful halfway to lift up the presser foot and move the zipper pull out of the way.

  • Repeat for other side.
  • Press zipper open on back.  Good Luck!
  • Top stitch zipper seam towards bag.

–     Again unzip or zip the pull out of your way as needed.



  • UNZIP Zipper!
  • Place right sides together and stitch all around.
  • Trim corners well!



  • Encase raw edges in bias fabric strips.
  • Top stitch each side in place separately.
  • Trim corners close.