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Flower Pot Pincushion

Supplies Needed:

5 – 5” squares of assorted pink fabric for petals

6” square of yellow for center

2 – 4” squares of two different greens for leaves.

1 yard narrow cording

Bit of stuffing or walnut shells

Circle template

4” square Steam a Seam

2” tall mini flower pot

Small square of florist foam to fit into pot

Scrap of cardboard

2” x 10” piece of white felt

10” piece of pink baby ric rac

This project was made using Bernina feet and stitches.  If you have a different brand simply use a similar foot or stitch for your machine.



  • Cut 5 – 5” squares of assorted pinks for flower petals
  • Iron petals in half diagonally.
  • Cut out petal shape by rounding top of folded triangle.


  • Place 1 Yard of cording under #11.
  • Leave a 4” tail of cording behind foot.
  • Zig Zag over cording with ½” seam allowance around curved edge.  DO NOT SEW THROUGH CORD!
  • Stitch #2
    • 3.0 lengt
    • 4.5 width



  • Chain stitch through all five petals.
  • Pull cord as you sew to gather fabric.
  • BE CAREFUL not to pull out of zig zag.
  • Pull cord tight and gather.
    • Clip threads wrapped around cord between petals.  DON’T clip cord!
  • Gather as tight as possible and tie cord in a knot.


  • Use circle cutter to cut a 5 ½” circle from flower center fabric.
  • Put pin in middle of template and a fine pen on the 5 ½” line and twirl.
  • Cut out on line.



  • Sew around circle with cord.
    • Use same method as with flower petals.
  • Pull up cord and fill with stuffing or walnut shells.
  • Tie cord in a knot.



  • Choose two green fabrics for leaves.
  • Iron Steam a Seam to wrong side of one.
  • Peel paper off and iron other fabric to other side.
  • Cut out two leaves from green with pinking blade.


  • Place ric rac in front groove of #66 foot.
  • Sew with zig zag on white felt.
  • Stitch #2
    • 4.5 width
    • 2.0 length
  • Trim with pinking cutter ¼” on each side of ric rac.


  • Squish foam into flower pot.
  • Cut cardboard circle and glue on top of foam.
  • Glue down leaves.  Reverse one so it looks like two colors.



  • Glue flower petals down.
    • Make sure all raw edges are tucked under.
    • Place a circle of glue all around top of pot so sticks in place evenly.
  • Glue center down.
    • Place a circle of glue around cord of petals, place on top of leaves.
    • Make sure raw edges are hidden and hold in place until adhered.


  • Glue band in place.
    • Place close to petals to hide any raw edges or glue.
  • Add a button or two.