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Certified Bernina Service

Bernina Certified Machine Service

It is recommended to have all sewing machines serviced once a year whether they are being used heavily or just sitting.  You wouldn’t drive your car without getting the oil changed!  There is nothing worse that being frustrated the next time you sit down to sew something.  Take a pro-active approach in keeping your sewing machine service to keep it smoothly running for years to come.  Protect your sewing investment!

If you sew more than 4 or 5 times a week, you should service more frequently.

30 Point General Service

A Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA) is a 30 point service that includes:

Foot Control

Hand Wheel
Bobbin Winder
Spool Holder
Cam Stack Gear (if applicable)
Tension Unit
Needle Bar
Presser Foot Bar
Hook Driver
Feed Dog Height
Feed Dog Timimg
Needle Front to Back
Needle Position
Zig Zag Swing
Needle Height
Needle Hook Clearance

Bobbin Case Tension
Top Tension
Straight Stitch
Thread Regulator
Needle Threader
Clean inside and outside of machine
Oil machine
Check for Software Updates (if applicable)

What to Bring

Power Cord
Foot Control
#1 Foot, No 1/4" Feet!
Regular Stitch Plate, Not Straight Stitch!
Bobbin Case

Leave Machine Threaded and Bring Sample if Having an Issue.  This allows us to double check threading and any issues possibly related to thread.

Tech Tips

  • Surge protectors are a must for all computer machines. 1000 joules is recommended protection.  Make sure it is a surge protector not just a outlet strip.
  • Don't sew over pins. You risk breaking a needle which could injure you and damage your machine. If you do break a needle, please be sure to find and remove all the pieces.
  • Oil your machine and change the needle after every 3-4 hours of sewing. Oil your machine at least weekly.
  • Remember to remove the throat plate and clean the lint from the feed dogs and bobbin case area after each project. Don't use canned air to clean out the hook area of your machine. Lint may fly up and damage the computer boards.
  • If you are having an issue, completely rethread the machine, top and bottom.  Make sure you are threading with the presser foot up and the bobbin going clockwise.